VFR Chart

Aeronautical ICAO Chart of Poland in the Scale of 1:500 000, edition 2021

Starting May the 17th 2021, the sixteenth edition of Aeronautical ICAO Chart of Poland in the scale of 1:500 000, commonly known as VFR Chart, will be available. The aeronautical content includes all airspace structures – from GND to FL 95 – updated as of 22th Apr 2021.

The chart shows:
– Terminal Control Areas (TMA/MTMA),
– Control Zones (CTR/MCTR),
– Control Area (CTA),
– Aerodrome Traffic Zones (ATZ),
– Constant Military Air Routes (MRTs),
– Temporary Segregated Areas (TSA),
– Temporay Reserved Area (TRA),
– Prohibited Area (P), Restricted Area (R), Danger Area (D),
– MEF (Maximum Elevation Figure),
– Reporting points for VFR flights,
– Reporting points on the FIR boundary.
– Areas of sporting and recreational activities have been introduced using pictograms to indicate the type of activity.

All heights/altitudes are given in feet.
Sheets are cut with vertical and lateral folds, without the outer frame.
Extended topographic base abroad.

The reverse side of the chart contains among other things:

– Map legend,
– AIRMET Sectors Charts,
– Altimeter Setting Regions Charts,
– ATC service units,
– Way of evaluation MEF.
– Reporting points on air boundary,
– Navigation points for VFR flights.

The chart is divided into 6 sheets (Gdańsk, Olsztyn, Poznań, Warszawa, Wrocław, Kraków) which cover the whole Flight Information Region (FIR) WARSZAWA. It is available to purchased either as a set or in the form of separate sheets – in a laminated or non-laminated version.

Aeronautical charts have been prepared in accordance with ICAO standards by the Cartography Sections of PANSA’s Aeronautical Information Service (responsible for preparation of operationally significant charts used by Air Traffic Services).

Below is an sample of the map (please click to enlarge)

Customized VFR chart

You can purchase a customized VFR chart in the scale of 1:500 000. When ordering a chosen chart extract, you are required to provide the coordinates of the point on which the chart is to be centred.

– data effective date: 22 Apr 2021,
– chart dimensions: 88 cm long, 56.5 cm wide,
– scale: 1:500 000,
– not folded (flat),
– legend on the front side, in the bottom left-hand corner,
– reverse side of the chart empty,
– chart borders not edited (centred extract of the whole VFR chart),
– no grid numbering at the chart borders (parallels and meridians numbered within the body of the chart).

Below is an sample of the map (please click to enlarge).


Order form is available here.

Due to frequent enquires about the availability of the Aeronautical Chart of Poland – ICAO in a digital format, we would like to inform you that such a product is currently not on offer. All AIS products available are listed in the order form.

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